What is Color Me Rad?

What is Color Me Rad?

Color Me Rad 5K (CMR) is a 5 kilometer exercise race that is held all over the world, and we are CMR Scandinavia. What makes CMR a unique race event is that the participant at each kilometer gets tossed on them. In the finish area, there is DJ and entertainment on stage. This year we want to expand the event - from an exercise run during the day to become a music festival with a focus on colors and light in the evening.

Is it a race or a festival?

We are both! During the day, it is set up for color races, which is an alcohol-free and family-friendly sports event, with music performances on stage, and food at the finish line. As the evening approaches, we open for a full-fledged music festival with alcohol serving and carnival experience, where local artists get the opportunity to show their art in the form of colors, lights and music.

When and where is the event?

Color Me Rad was to take place on Ekebergsletta on 15 August 2020, but due to the current situation with COVID-19, the event year remains unclear. We are already planning a CMR celebration for next year if possible.

Any previous events?

CMR has been held in several places in Norway and had its best year in 2015 in Holmenkollen, with over 8000 tickets sold and around 10,000 people present. The last time the race was held in Norway was in 2018, at Ekebergsletta in Oslo. With our new RAD team, we now want to take up the Color Me Rad tradition again!


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About Us

  • Our vision

    Is to facilitate, and carry out, a memorable, fun and colorful experience, which in time will become synonymous with the closing party for the sponsor week in Oslo. We also want to take up the fight with other exciting and sought-after festivals.

  • Cultural purposes

    We will offer a low-threshold experience for both physical development and cultural impressions, via art and music, in the heart of Oslo - a joint joint event. We invite all children, young people, and adults to participate in a terrific one-day event, where in addition to the race itself, they will have a consistent encounter with vibrant colors, music and art throughout the event.

  • Music, Art & Light

    We want to invite artists and performers, and especially students, to make their mark on the festival through music and visual arts. In the evening we will introduce Euphoria; this is a specific, separate exhibition area where artists and students can show their talents through light and luminescent art.

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